Technological frontrunner


In recent years Universal Corrugated BV has developed into a provider of solutions in dry-end modifications. The corrugated- and cartons market is constantly changing. This causes a continuous demand for new products, which always is closely followed by the demand for new and faster production methods and -techniques. Being the innovations leader in dry-end technology, Universal Corrugated is pro-actively developing innovative answers to these demands on a daily bases.

The immage that Universal Corrugated has earned in the market over the years is that of a producer and reliable supplier of perfected state of the art dry-end technology. This is the direct result of the choice that Universal Corrugated made many years ago to "stand out from the crowd" by predicting future market demands and developing the perfect answer to it.

Universal Corrugated consider in detail any solutions it offers to its customers that will elminate dry-end problems. We always strive to optimise any solution that gives the shortest payback time.
We consider upgrades to the latest state of the art technology wherever possible with existing equipment and always work to give our customers excellent value within their budgets.



In recent years Universal Corrugated BV has developed into a provider of solutions in dry-end modifications.

In combination with our parent company MINDA's handling technology sytems and the long and intensive collaboration with Unico-Germany/Micromatik, a specialist in the range of process control in dry end solutions, we can offer turn key solutions.

These can be combined in different variations of both used and new machinery and components. Decisive for this are the specifications that we develop with our customers.

 Universal Corrugated modernized Dry-end: Conversion in small space (from APR/in german).

 Dry-en to state of the art technique (from APR/in german).

 The Universal Corrugated approach to corrugator dry-end board control (from wpn).